• Clean Air as a service

    Safe, healthy indoor air with no investment, debt or risk

    Turnkey indoor air quality solutions and HVAC filter monitoring programs that increase operational efficiency, reduce operational costs and deliver occupant safety, all without using any of your own capital.

    Never before has the quality of indoor air been more important to everyone, everywhere

    We are now living in a COVID world. It has impacted every facet of our lives: How we work, shop, learn and live have all been altered in substantial – and likely permanent – ways.


    While a lot has been discussed about the immediate pandemic-related challenges facing businesses, schools and institutions, the COVID pandemic has led to a drastic shift in the way they address how to provide a safe, healthy and smart process for reopening and operating their buildings.


    With research showing the coronavirus may spread through shared air, building owners and managers are scrambling to upgrade their HVAC systems. In fact, according to Gallup, 8 out of 10 people are at least ‘somewhat concerned’ about the air quality inside buildings.

    Introducing Clean Air as a Service

    Commercial buildings, facilities, properties and institutions of all sizes can finally can have the air purification solution they need – installed and maintained – without any up-front investment, debt or risk.


    No matter what size building or facility you operate, Clean Air as a Service is the easiest, most sensible and effective way to provide a safe, healthy and comfortable environment for your building’s occupants.


    This is how smart clean indoor air gets done.


    • Turnkey Solution
    • No Capital Required
    • No Debt Impact
    • Cleaner, Safer Air