• Cloud Based, Unitary HVAC Control App

    mCloud's Technology is Cloud Based, Unitary HVAC control application

    • Technology exists parallel to or outside of any installed BMS systems
    • Technology uses secondary WIFI thermostats, cellular modems and patented AI to control / track:
      • Systems faults and warnings
      • Balances efficiency between multiple RTUs or pad mounted systems (not applicable to chiller systems)
      • HVAC unit run time
      • Temperature Set point

    Cost vs. Savings

    • Typical ROI for equipment and initial installation costs is less than 8 months
    • Typical savings is 10-25% of monthly HVAC kilowatt hours charges or 10% of overall electric bill

    Supplemental Services

    • mCloud's services also can add AI and analytics to HVAC fleet O&M, creating service history, accountability and predictive maintenance planning
    • This allows dramatic reduction in emergency truck rolls.


    • Michael's Craft Stores 1,400+ locations
    • Bank of America – 3,000+ locations
    • Starbucks – 1,000+ locations