• Smart Compressor Control (SCC)

    A REVOLUTIONARY Patent Pending Solution


    Benefits include:

    • Up to 30% Energy Savings Annually
    • Easy Install
    • High ROI
    • Immediate Results

    The Problem

    Most HVAC systems are fixed speed compressors that are inefficient.

    The Solution

    The Smart Compressor Control “SCC” is software that can be retrofitted on most fixed speed compressors to make them more efficient.

    SCC Innovation


    Temperature sensor to protect your compressor.


    Refrigeration Pipe

    Temperature sensor to control your compressor.

    • Install time with programming: approx. 2 hours
    • Can be installed by electricians
    • Immediate results
    • High ROI
    • Reduces heating and cooling operational costs

    What the SCC does:

    • Converts any 3-Phase fixed speed compressor into variable speed.
    • Maintains stable and comfortable humidity in your space.
    • Lowers energy demand charge.
    • Controls and monitors the compressor's temperature rather than pressure.
    • Achieves maximum capacity at a lower consumption
    • Gain 20-30% energy efficiency on commercial RTU's and refrigeration systems