• Step 1 - Assess & Measure

    You may be eligible for past, present and future energy savings. Our team of experts specializes in finding and obtaining refunds on all utility bills including electricity, gas, water, telephone, internet, wireless, waste and recycling. Your organization could very well qualify for additional exemptions, recoveries and savings. Many times, contacting the utility company leaves significant dollars on the table and in the pockets of the utility companies. With State and Federal programs changing regularly, using an independent party ensures you’re not spending more than you should on your utility costs.


    Our in-house team performs an extensive proprietary software analysis and review. Our process identifies erroneous meter readings, misapplication of rate structures and/or pricing arrangements, usage anomalies, duplicate billings, incorrect taxes, fees and surcharges, maintenance or mismanagement issues and other costly administrative errors. All reviews handle the appropriate paperwork, contacting each utility provider, federal, state or local offices and filing the necessary forms to secure all eligible exemptions, refunds or credits due to each client.


    Eligibility Requirement

    Copy of one (1) monthly billing statement to determine if refund or any recovery is available.


    No Risk Engagement

    With simple Agreement and Authorization forms, we’re able to work with your providers to obtain any recovery that might be available to you purely on a contingent basis. NO obligations and NO up-front fees.



    We file all the proper paperwork to ensure all savings and recoveries are realized.


    Savings Realized

    In as little at 30 days, you will receive your refund and/or any recovery along with future savings.


    Above & Beyond

    We help monitor your utility bills moving forward to identify any future errors while keeping you aware of other available energy efficient solutions.