• Step 3 - Smart Solutions

    Innovative smart-saving energy solutions to help improve your current situation.

    1. Phase Change Material (PCM) - 10-30% reduction in monthly electricity & gas expenses
    2. Smart Compressor Control (SCC) - Up to 30% energy savings annually
    3. Voltage Optimization (VO) - Average savings of 5-12%, contractually guaranteed
    4. Customized Water Management - Conserve up to 40% of your annual water spend
    5. Capital Free Clean Air as a Service - Safe, healthy indoor air with no investment, debt or risk

    Phase Change Material (PCM)

    Phase change material (PCM) helps regulate temperature in a building by absorbing heat when it gets too hot and releasing it once the building cools down. Think of PCM as a giant ice pack that freezes and thaws at room temperature. When it gets hot in a building, the material absorbs heat and melts. As it cools down in the building, the material turns into a solid, releasing that heat back into the surrounding area.


    PCM gives building managers a number of options to save money on electricity and natural gas. The material prevents buildings from getting too hot or too cold, eliminating costly temperature spikes. It can also enable load shifting.


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    Smart Compressor Control (SCC)

    Software that can be retrofitted on most fixed speed compressors to make them more efficient.


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    Voltage Optimization (VO)

    Patented technology uses additional transformer windings and advance control systems to convert excess voltage and return it to the power company.


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    Customized Water Management

    Water management, mapping and testing services to ensure your facility is efficient. Reduce energy, water, and man-hours while keeping people safe.


    Cutting edge research and development, product evaluation, tech support and logistic excellence in water treatment putting facilities at the forefront of safety and innovation.


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    Clean Air as a Service

    Never before has the quality of indoor air been more important cto everyone, everywhere.

    We are now living in a COVID world. It has impacted every facet of our lives: How we work, shop, learn and live have all been altered in substantial – and likely permanent – ways.


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