• Voltage Optimization (VO)

    Powerstar's patented technology uses additional transformer windings and advance control systems to convert excess voltage and return it to the power company- your facility will not meter the overvoltage with Powerstar.


    Most sites see overvoltage from local grid:

    • Overvoltage is metered and the consumer pays the cost
    • VO technology is installed between primary supply and facility’s main low voltage distribution board


    Average savings range between 5-12% of overall facility consumption. (Powerstar contractually guarantees ROI on all installations)

    VO Process

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    Understanding Voltage Optimization Technologies



    • Walmart (ASDA Brand) – 900+ installations average savings 9.1%
    • Abbott Laboratories – Global master service agreement in place.
    • Whitbread PLC – 440+ installs with 12.35% savings